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Lucid Dreaming Supplement - How It Works

By dramatically BOOSTING the dream phase of sleep, you will be able to induce and master lucid dreaming! Or, you may let your dreams lead you through the most vivid, interesting and creative dream states of your life... The CHOICE is yours!

Brilliant Dreams is specifically formulated to dramatically boost and encourage four primary features of dreaming below. Or you may jump ahead to the detailed science.

Brilliant Dreams is based on scientific research - We are PROUD to REFERENCE all of the SCIENTIFIC STUDIES near the bottom of this page.

Achieve Lucid Dreaming!

Imagine that while dreaming you become AWARE that you are dreaming and are able to take conscious CONTROL over what happens in your dream, all while remaining asleep. This is a phenomenon called lucid dreaming, a very intense and interesting dream state. In most cases, inducing lucid dreams is a learned skill, involving mental training using various lucid dream induction techniques.

It is much easier to induce lucidity in dreams that are are very vivid or stimulating. By enhancing the vividness of dreams, Brilliant Dreams™ can dramatically ease your ability to becoming lucid. This, combined with mental training and the use of dream induction techniques can have you too joining the ranks of those that experience the euphoria of lucid dreaming!

Improve Dream Recall - Remember Your Dreams!

Brilliant Dreams™ features galantamine, a natural herbal extract of the Lycoris radiata (Red Spider Lily). This memory beneficial nutrient has been shown to maintain and even improve memory and overall cognitive ability. This, combined with the other factors in Brilliant Dreams promotes and dramatically enhances the vividness of your dreams and improves your ability remember dreams!

REM Sleep - Boosts the Dream Phase each Night!

Brilliant Dreams uses a combination natural herbal extracts to promote REM Sleep, increase dream frequency, dream duration and dream density (the ratio of REM sleep to total sleep.

You enjoy more dreams EVERY night!

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) was discovered in 1953 by University of Chicago researchers Eugene Aserinsky and Dr. Nathaniel Kleitman, chair of physiology. REM Sleep is primarily characterized by movements of the eyes and is the 5th and final stage of a sleep cycle. When we sleep we go through five stages of sleep. First, very light sleep from which it is easy to wake up. Second comes a slightly deeper sleep followed by the third and fourth stages which represent our deepest sleep. Throughout these four stages our brain activity is gradually slowing down, so that by stage four we experience nothing but delta brain waves, the slowest brain waves.

About 90 minutes after falling asleep and after the fourth stage, we enter REM Sleep. We go through these five stages several times each night and, while dreaming can and sometimes occurs during other stages, the REM stage is when most dreaming occurs. In each subsequent cycle, we experience more REM sleep and less deep sleep. By morning we're having almost all stage one, two and five (REM) sleep.

Very Vivid Dreams & Better Dream Clarity

During research studies, it was discovered that the extract in Brilliant Dreams has a remarkable effect... it enhances dream vividness. With Brilliant Dreams, dreams achieve more clarity and intensity - smells, tastes, textures and visions are much more vivid and clear!

For some people, Brilliant Dreams™ can help them achieve very vivid and LUCID dreams several nights per week. For those that have rarely enjoyed vivid dreams and lucid dreaming, much less been able to recall them in the future, Brilliant Dreams is a PHENOMENAL BREAKTHROUGH!


The Science
Brilliant Dreams™ features galantamine, a natural herbal extract from the bulb of the Lycoris radiata plant, native to China and Japan. galantamine naturally boosts dreaming activity, supports memory function and also enhances nicotinic receptor activity, an effect long known to benefit memory and intellectual ability!

Natural Dream Aid
It is well known that REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement sleep) is an indication that someone is dreaming. This is a very specific state in the sleep cycle, having unique brain waves and 'active' areas of the mind. Professional studies have shown that galantamine has a positive effect on REM sleep and the dream cycle.

In these studies it was discovered that galantamine:

  • Dramatically Enhances Dream Vividness - During trials a remarkable effect was discovered. Test subjects taking galantamine reported they experienced more vivid dreams and dream experiences.4

  • Shortens REM (dreaming) Latency - The time from sleep onset to the first occurrence of REM sleep is shortened.

  • Increases REM Density - The ratio of time spent in dreaming to total amount of time spent asleep.

  • Reduces Slow Wave Sleep - Reduce very deep, non-dreaming sleep3 -- yet another positive indicator for more time spent dreaming.

  • Improves Memory & Cognitive Ability - Clinically proven to improve memory and recall.

to your DREAM PHASE every night!

In 2001, the FDA approved galantamine for use in the treatment of memory loss and cognitive deterioration associated with Alzheimer's disease.2 For several years prior and years since, this dream herb has been evaluated in dozens (if not hundreds) of clinical studies that verify its ability to maintain and possibly increase memory and intellectual ability, leading to better dream recall.

Other Benefits - Choline & Vitamin B5
Brilliant Dreams™ also contains the nutrients choline and vitamin B5. Choline is a precursor to acetylcholine (ACh) and is required for the body to manufacture beneficial ACh neurotransmitters. Vitamin B5 is a cofactor (helper nutrient) to the body's production of ACh. These two nutrients work together in the body to promote ACh production, enhancing dreams.

This combination of encouraging acetylcholine neurotransmitter production while inhibiting acetylcholinesterase improves memory & cognitive ability, and promotes much more vivid, lucid dreams with better dream recall.


Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that promotes restful sleep and REM sleep. In this way, it has been shown to lead to greater dream frequency and longer dream duration.5 This may include increased REM sleep just prior to waking, a time when it is easier to remember dreams.


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