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World's First Natural Dream Aid...

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Experience a dramatic boost in dreaming activity, vividness and clarity! Brilliant Dreams is scientifically formulated to make dreams longer and much more vivid and intense so you may achieve heightened dream states and lucid dreaming!

Experience a DRAMATIC BOOST to
your DREAM PHASE every night!

You Are Wasting EIGHT HOURS of Every Day!

Did you know that in a typical lifetime we spend a third of our life asleep and over SIX YEARS DREAMING?

Don't waste that time!.. use it for lucid dream experiences, creative inspiration, personal growth, sexual pleasure, improved memory and more! Wake feeling refreshed & energized with a clear recollection of your dreams.

Imagine that while dreaming you become AWARE you are dreaming and are able to take conscious CONTROL over your dream. This is called LUCID DREAMING, an extremely vivid and wonderful dream state in which you can make your every wish come true, every single night!

Reclaim those lost hours sleeping! Create your own worlds and fantasies. Enjoy experiences that will keep you thrilled and exhilarated for weeks to come -- Use dreams to solve real life problems, find inspiration and dramatically boost your creativity. The only limit is your imagination!

Use Lucid Dreaming to...


    Explore totally real and totally safe fantasies with Lucid Dreaming! Release inhibitions, discover amazing new levels of passion and turn your wildest thoughts into reality. Your lucid dreams will be as pleasurable and intense as you want them to be! And the intensely pleasurable experiences will be much more vivid and clear!


    With Lucid Dreaming you can chat with Da Vinci, develop new ideas, test solutions to business or personal problems.
    Watch your ideas play like a movie, a movie you control! Discover new inventions that NOBODY ELSE in the world has even thought of or use this new found time to EXPLORE solutions to life, work or personal


    Confront your fears in perfect safety. Get rid of bad habits, become an excellent public speaker, stop being afraid of snakes. Practice asking for that raise at work or taking the plunge into starting your own business. Become your own inner psychologist for personal growth and to vault your life forward!


    Dreaming plays an important role in providing restful sleep. However, many people simply do not dream enough each night and wake most mornings feeling tired and unwell. Stress, diet, going to bed "dog-tired" and other factors reduce REM sleep and dreaming.
    By promoting REM sleep, Brilliant Dreams allows you to better consolidate the days memory and wake feeling energized and refreshed!

Induce Intense Dream Experiences!

Sex dream, erotic dreams, lucid sex dreamVivid dream experiences are many times associated with dreams about sex and sexuality. Erotic dreams play an important role in the history and myths surrounding dreaming, dream theory, and, to varying degrees, the dreams of most everyone. If you have sexually themed dreams, Brilliant Dreams can bring them to new, vivid levels and enable you to better recall the exciting (and stimulating) details.

Just having vivid dreams is extremely rewarding for the entertainment value alone... the ability to achieve lucid dreaming is a huge bonus! By enhancing the vividness and clarity of dreams, Brilliant Dreams™ eases your ability to achieve lucid dreaming, can encourage intense sexual dreams, and dramatically BOOSTS your dream states.

Use Lucid Dreams for Inspiration, Creativity & Problem Solving!

Did you know that the tune for Yesterday, one of the most famous songs of all time, came to Beatles' Paul McCartney in a dream!? Throughout history, artists, inventors, writers and scientists have made discoveries, solved problems and achieved phenomenal feats of creativity in their dreams.

These inspirational and creative dreams are not unique to the famous... in fact, many dreams have led to individuals becoming famous! When you sleep your mind does not turn off; quite the contrary, it becomes very active during dreaming. Through dreams, your mind continues to work out solutions to real world life and work problems and taps into your innate creativity and problem solving skills to do so.

The old adage "to sleep on it" when solving a personal or work problem is a perfect example. Your dreams are very powerful problem solving and inspirational tools. You are missing something very important with every dream you don't remember! You're own inspiration and answers to real world problems may be locked away in your dreams.

With Brilliant Dreams you can FULLY TAP into your own innate creativity, inspiration and problem solving skills!

Scientific Formulation - Proven Herbal Extract

Brilliant Dreams is specially formulated to dramatically enhance the clarity and vividness of your dreams, promote lucid dreaming and improve waking memory & dream recall. These ingredients have been used for thousands of years by healers and shaman, and have only recently been re-recognized for their dream enhancing benefits!

Brilliant Dreams features galantamine, an herbal extract from the Lycoris radiata, Red Spider Lily. Galantamine naturally boosts dreaming activity, supports memory function and also enhances nicotinic brain receptor activity, an effect long known to benefit memory and intellectual ability!

Natural Dream Aid

It is well known that REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement sleep) is an indication that someone is dreaming. This is a very specific state in the sleep cycle, having unique brain waves and 'active' areas of the mind. Professional studies have shown that galantamine has a positive effect on REM sleep and the dream cycle. In these studies it was discovered that this extract:

  • Dramatically Enhances Dream Vividness - Individuals report they experience very interesting and vivid dreams!4

  • Shortens REM Sleep (dreaming) Latency - The time from sleep onset to the first occurrence of REM sleep.

  • Increases REM Density - The ratio of time spent dreaming to total amount of time spent asleep.

  • Reduces Slow Wave Sleep - Reduce very deep, non-dreaming sleep3 -Another positive indicator for

  • Improves Memory & Cognitive Ability - Clinically proven to improve memory and recall.

Think of it as a DRAMATIC BOOST to your DREAM PHASE every night!

Promoting Vivid, Lucid Dreams - Naturally. We Guarantee It!

Just Read What Customers Are Saying About Their NEW VIVID, LUCID DREAMS!

"I took Brilliant Dreams last night before I went to bed and I had my first lucid dream!! It was incredible. My dream was so clear that at first I didn't know I was dreaming... then all of a sudden I was in control! I've tried lucid dreaming before and even bought a book on it, but nothing worked until I found your product. I think I've become you're biggest supporter!"

Sarah from Georgia

"I'm sure you guys have received mucho letters praising "Brilliant Dreams" to the hilt, so I don't want to overwhelm you with yet another cool dream. Suffice it to say that I am having them. I have vivid, clear dreams every single night! They're not all lucid - some are - but just the fun of being in a parallel reality is mind blowing. Not just the "fun" aspect, I believe that some real personal growth is possible."

Raj from Illinois

"It worked the very first night! I couldn't believe the difference in dream recall and volume. Normally I hardly ever remember a dream and if I do it is only one close to waking. I popped the pill prior to bedtime... Today I recall all three dreams vividly. I can’t wait to see what other doors this product opens for me. Thanks!"

Brad from Kentucky

"I'm now more creative then ever. I paint as a hobby and now I am actually painting in my dreams. As soon as I wake up I write notes and make sketches, then paint the beautiful images I saw in my dreams. Brilliant Dreams is amazing, thanks!"

Michael from New York



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